turn subscribers into cLIENTS

Shine light on where money’s falling through the cracks in your current email marketing system (or lack thereof!) with my signature audit.

Generate More Revenue Via Your Email Shine

the email Shine will remix your email strategy into something authentic, memorable, and built to convert by:

Clarifying your call to action

Stay ahead of your competition. I'll help define your primary call-to-action that will drive action and have your subscribers coming back for more.

Nurturing your readers

With consistent nurturing, you can expect trust to grow and conversions to blow up. I'll show you when to provide value and when to pitch your subscribers at the best time that they are ready to buy from you.

automating important emails

I'll show you the most important email automations your business NEEDS to set up so your subscribers will remember you (and so you can lighten your to-do list).

In-Depth Email Review

Level up your emails and learn the right way to sell authentically. I'll analyze your current email strategy and make suggestions informed by best practices that will drive conversions.

The Magic starts here:
your Email Shine

The email shine is the way to get actionable feedback FAST on individual emails, your email strategy, and your email copy. I do a 360 review on your email marketing work while recording my suggestions for potential conversion-boosting changes. The email shine starts with a 20 minute call to uncover your true email goals and desires.


full service EMAIL Shine

Frequently asked questions

An email shine is an in-depth analysis of your current email marketing systems and processes. I review your email copy, your email branding, and provide suggestions for quick wins and long-term success strategies for your email processes.

The Email Shine provides a thorough review of your current email marketing systems to unlock email marketing success. I provide a document with my critical recommendations customized for your business goals along with a video recording detailing exactly how to go about optimizing your emails. We then finish off with a follow up 90-minute strategy call. This is the best choice for those who want to start seeing a larger ROI on their email marketing.

With my guidance, we form a bulletproof email strategy that will get you to your revenue goals.

You don’t.

You only need an Email Shine if you want to skip the trial and error learning and get on the fast track to learning how to build real relationships with your subscribers. Email marketing doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming, in fact I’ll show you how email marketing can become a rewarding part of your marketing eco-system.

If you want to go at it on your own, that’s fine. You can subscribe to get my 3 Days to Better Email Course for free where I go more in depth of key email marketing practices for creative business owners.

That choice is entirely up to you. With your custom Email Shine, you become empowered to know what to do next to build the foundational structure of your email marketing strategy. I can help you with any complex or technical work if you need it, but with my Email Shine guidance, you’re pretty much set to go at it and make that money on your own.

The email inbox is a sacred space where business owners can deliver value to their audience in a deeper and more authentic way than social media ever could. Don’t @ me if you disagree. 

In a world of ever changing algorithms, email has remained consistent for the past 2 decades and will continue to be a vital tool for businesses to flourish in the future.

There’s also a statistic floating around that for every $1 spent in email, there’s an average ROI of $38.

I have been in the email sphere for the past 5 years and study, live, and breathe email in an weirdly obsessive way. Some may call it geeky. I call it email love. I want to share what I have learned through trial and error with you to build your own businesses on your own terms without ad spend or without having to fight any algorithms. That to me is email beaming.

Contact me at jackie@emailbeam.co if you have any questions. No email question is too geeky for me.