from email Chump to email champ

I'll develop Your Fundamental email marketing Strategy to unlock an additional revenue Stream in 7 days

*For Absolute Beginners in Email Marketing Only

The answer to all your email questions can be answered with two words:
It depends.

But that's not very helpful.

And the amount of Googling you will need to find answers to begin using email for business can quickly get overwhelming, leaving you relying on social media as the only place to market your business.

It's time to build a business on a platform that you own.

A platform that you don't have to "pay to play." A platform that has been around for more than two decades and is never the victim to an algorithm change.

From Email Uncertainty
to Email Champion

Give me 7 days.

I’ll save you months of Googling and researching questions such as: the best software, the best times to send email, what kind of emails to deliver, and how to monetize your email marketing.


Beginner's only email launch strategy

Tailored for those who don't know where to start with email marketing

Don't let analysis paralysis let you procrastinate on building a profitable business with one of the most effective forms of marketing out there: email.

From Email Uncertainty to Email Champion will save you months of trial and error and get you on the fast track to building a profitable email system.

It's also much more affordable than having me do the work for you, yet you still get 1:1 access to me to for all your questions such as:

📧 Should I go with MailChimp? I hear Flodesk is good? Or MailerLite?
📧 What should I send?
📧 How do I sell effectively on email?
📧 How often should I send out emails?
📧 When should I send my emails?
📧 What is a lead magnet and do I need one?
📧 What's the very first email that I need to send?
📧 What else should I know about email marketing?

Give me your goals, I'll give you the fundamental strategy you need to generate revenue from your email marketing efforts in as little as 7 days.

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